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Trenching & Backhoe

Sub-Surface of Indiana is well known for our general trenching and backhoe excavation work.  As one of the largest excavating companies in Central Indiana, our professional crews utilize state of the art equipment for hundreds of projects annually. 

When Does the Job Call for Trenching & Backhoe?

One service, most associated with any construction project, is trenching and backhoe work.  To lay the foundation of most building and install underground infrastructure, earth-moving machinery is required.  What makes a backhoe so effective is that they are readily available, cost effective, lightweight, versatile and are able to execute a variety of tasks.  This versatility makes the machine far easier to operate and more maneuverable in narrow areas. 

Trenching is identified as a process in which a trench that is deeper than it is wide is created for the installation of utility cables and conduits.  Sub-Surface of Indiana can perform any number of trenching tasks to complete your next project. 

Some of our trenching and backhoe services include but are not limited to:

  • Underdrains

  • Electric, Phone and Cable Conduit/Wire

  • Water Services

  • Sanitary Laterals

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