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Directional Boring & Pipe Fusing

What Makes Trenchless Technology and Machinery Special?

Minimal Impact

Installing underground utilities with traditional methods, such as an open trench, can completely shut down your job site's traffic and destroy its appearance.  Think about laying cable or pipe underneath a road: torn up pavement, diverted traffic, and days of work are required to get the site back to normal.  By using directional boring, your work area will not be disrupted or left in disrepair. 

Versatility and Application Types

Directional boring is a very effective way to go under roads, driveways, sidewalks, existing landscaping and bodies of water without damaging the surface area. 

No Project Too Big or Small

SSI crews have completed large scale directional boring projects up to 36" and to as small as 1" in diameter and lengths of over 1,000 feet per set up for a variety of materials. 

Safer and Cost Effective

Directional boring gives customers a better option to complete their projects safer and more economically without disturbing pedestrian or vehicle traffic caused by open cut methods.  Compared to trenching and excavation, directional boring can also substantially reduce safety risks, especially in dense urban areas. 

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