Sub-Surface of Indiana

serving clients for more than 30 years

Sub-Surface of Indiana, Inc (SSI) has continued to grow since opening our doors in 1987. The success and growth of SSI is attributed to our ability to exceed our clients' needs. We do this by offering more services with higher quality than any of our competitors.

SSI continues to expand our fleet of equipment to include vacuum excavation trucks, excavation/site development equipment and directional drilling rigs. As a full-service construction provider, we can help you on your next project with services including Site Development, Concrete/General Trades, Hydro Vacuum Excavation, Directional Boring, and Trenching/Backhoe work.

SSI believes that the attitude, conduct, and appearance of all employees, as well as the care of the equipment, are a direct reflection of the company. We believe that the appearance of our employees and equipment should always be maintained to the highest possible standards! While working with SSI on any project, you will get nothing less than our very best effort. SSI is committed to creating and sustaining strong, long-term relationships with customers by providing the highest quality work at competitive prices in an honest, straightforward way. Call today for your commercial/industrial construction needs.